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Pivnica Cajkov

Who we are: Traditions & Eruptions:
The essence of our winery is our FAMILY CONTINUITY, as my kind has been strongly linked with the village of Čajkov and its wine industry for generations. I cherish (and proudly display on my bottles) the seal that the Archbishop of Esztergom gave to my family in 1666, entitling us to trade with wine and agricultural products. A symbol of my ancestors‘ skills and a constant reminder to stay true to their legacy.

I feel very grateful for having this immense heritage to work with; I try to honour and further elevate it by being mindful and diligent in every phase of my work, starting of course with the vineyards. Our sites enjoy a unique combination of cold, continental climate (Čajkov is located at the northern border of Central European winegrowing areas) and the terrific volcanic terroir of Štiavnica Mountains, as it sits in the extinct crater of the ancient SITNO VOLCANO, rich with tuff & basalt.

We grow (using organic and regenerative methods, of course) mostly local varieties, historically present in the region for centuries: PESECKÁ LEÁNKA, our dear princess & bright morning star; its regal mother Feteasca Alba; my beloved Blaufränkisch, our Habsbourg Empress. Plus the Pinot family whose gentle yet difficult character I adore (and share, haha). And a pinch of local rarities, reflecting our winemaking journey in its entirety, like the Slovak cross called Devín.

In the cellar, I re-discovered the traditional winemaking techniques of my GRANDPARENTS, with as few interventions as possible – I basically only experiment with length and intensity of skin and lees contact, harvest date, or blends, all this with the goal to patiently chisel my wines towards elegance and ELOQUENCE. No selected yeasts, no shiny hi-tech equipment, no bullshit manipulations – just the majestic darkness and stable temperature of our underground cellar, built for the Earl of Kosztolányi back in 1723. So that I can feel proud of each and every bottle that bears my name and conveys this vision to you, the indulgent & savvy drinker.